Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bulls Update

Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013: Daly City, Calif.
The Cow Palace
Bakersfield Condors 4, San Francisco Bulls 2

A quick report on my recent return to the Cow Palace to see my second Bulls game:

Things that haven't changed:
- Too much loud music as a substitute for actual fan involvement
- PA announcer still out of sync sometimes
- Food still ghastly and overpriced

What has changed:
- The hockey was much better. Time spent playing together looks to have made a difference, even though both teams have been through some turnover after the NHL lockout's sent  roster dominoes falling.
The second Bulls goal was a great hockey play -- with the team down a goal, the defenseman pinched when he needed to pinched, moved the puck to the corner where it was cycled when it needed to cycle, setting up a bang-bang pass to a forward moving into the slot. A thing of beauty.
Sad that the Bulls lost. They had the best of the play throughout the game, but, some unfortunate goaltending at the beginning of the second period put them down two goals and they couldn't come all the way back. That's hockey. Better luck next time.
Loose ends: My wife will be happy to read this: no fights. Game report here and boxscore here.